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Good Morning! Happy Monday!

It’s the start of a new day, a new week–which may hold its own challenges and obstacles. Guaranteed. What I need most, and some of you can relate, is something positive to say to myself. Something that can easily be stored in my brain, hopefully towards to front.

Affirmations. I did them in treatment with my therapist and groups. Right now, I’m looking at an old handout from when I was at Remuda Ranch back in 2002. A plain sheet of white paper, wrinkled at the corners, clear tape on the top where it must have been hanging onto a mirror, lists 17 statements. Truths about my body, and myself. They’re powerful, positive and so desperately needed to penetrate my doubting heart.

Here they are:

I Accept My Changing Body.

My Body Deserves The Nutrition It Receives.

I Respect My Beautiful Body.

My Body Is Not the Enemy.

I Love My Body.

I Will Treat My Body As My Best Friend.

My Body Does Not Define Me.

My Body Is A Gift From God.

I Am Worthwhile And Lovable Just Breathing.

I am Worthy & Deserving Of A Good Life.

It Is Perfectly Ok To Be Imperfect.

I Accept All My Feelings And Express Them In A Healthy Way.

I Am A Strong And Powerful Women In Recovery.

I Have A Voice And Deserve To Be Heard.

I Release Things And Ideas That Do Not Serve Me.

I Am A Unique And Precious Human Being.

I Will Do What It Takes, I Will Persevere, I Am Worthwhile, I Will Face My Fear!

Keep Recovery and Dance On!

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