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SO much has changed…….

I start conversations with this phrase more often than I realize. Whether it be a friend I haven’t spoken to in a few months, or even a Doctor I see once a year for a check-up. Change is part of life; even when we don’t want it to be.

Growth occurs in life when we open ourselves to new possibilities, idea’s, opportunities. Most of those moments do not have a guarantee stamped on the box. Maybe ‘chance and change’ can be interchangeable.

In the past six months, Dancing With ED has become an official 501c3 charitable organization. If you would have told me a five years ago I would come this far…. let’s just say I wouldn’t believe it.

But it happened, because things changed.

Now that I see how much can be accomplished within myself and my recovery by making myself vulnerable, and putting myself out there, I will never stop changing.

In this coming year I have plans to take another BIG leap. We will see where I land.

I encourage you to think about your next leap; where it will take you, and where you will land.

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