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You don't have to dance through this alone.

Dancer Leaping

Our Mission

Dancing with ED is dedicated to raising awareness of eating disorders in the dance community while inspiring dancers to love and care for their bodies.

Our Goals

RAISE awareness of eating disorders in the dance community.

CONNECT the dance community to eating disorder resources, including mental health education and support.

BUILD a supportive online community around eating disorders and mental health struggles dancers face.

CREATE workshops, trainings and other advocacy and awareness projects focused on decreasing stigma, increasing understanding, and encouraging compassion for self and others. 

Candy Cotton

An Important Message
Our Founder

As many of you know, I started Dancing with ED, Inc. in 2013 because I noticed a pressing need to create a safe space for dancers, parents, and teachers, where they can learn about and discuss eating disorders as well as gain the support they need through resources and a sense of community...

Blue Circle
Amy Kathleen Lee

Our Latest

Share my Story

Sharing our stories and experiences have the potential to connect us to a larger community and a shared purpose. We strive to change the narrative around eating disorders in dance. Our individual experiences, woven together, create a beautiful tapestry called, OUR story. Stories have the power to teach, heal and connect. Our goal with this series is to raise awareness of the struggles related to disordered eating, weight and body image perception, and mental health issues in the dance community by initiating meaningful conversations and de-stigmatizing this prevalent experience.

  • Be a guest on Instagram LIVE.

  • Write your story for us to share on our blog (you can remain anonymous).

Resource Spotlight

Find inspiration and encouragement from these Instagram accounts. Give them a follow!

Pointe to Rise Podcast

Recently, Amy was interviewed by Emma and Nadia. Listen in to learn about her past, her mental health journey, and her current experiences helping dancers.

Aus Dancer Overseas
Amy's Pointe Shoes that say "I choose recovery"

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