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Share My Story: With Corinne Haas

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

In our second Share My Story interview, special guest Corrine Haas, who is empowering dancers with a new set of holistic tools and practical wisdom, shared her personal story to shed light on eating disorders in ballet and what she is doing to be the person she needed as a young dancer. We discussed complex issues in the dance world: body image, food and weight, perfectionism, and finding your identity. Corrine shared how the pressure to be thin affected her as an adolescent, and the stress of making the decision to be a professional ballet dancer at such a young age.

Check it out!

What Corrine had to say about her interview:

“I was delighted to be invited for an interview with Share My Story. Amy is a natural at making the whole experience feel safe and comfortable. I was a bit nervous about diving into my personal story and narrative with body image and dance, but once we began the interview, it seemed completely natural. I felt more like I was having a personal conversation with a dear friend, rather than sharing something intimate about myself. I believe this is all because of the comfort level Amy brings. She is great at providing a safe space and asks exactly the right questions to keep the flow and momentum going. I am excited to hear more of these interviews in the near future and watch the impact it will have on the dance community as a whole.”

About Corrine Haas

Intuitive coach and healer based in San Francisco, Corinne has focused her private practice on empowering women to transform and grow through her love, curiosity, and study of the healing arts. Her business, Transformational Coaching for Women, infuses practical coaching skills with deep intuitive guidance for personalized sessions that connect her clients to the heart of their challenges, alongside actionable goals for success. A main source of inspiration for her work comes from her life as a professional ballet dancer with Alonzo King LINES Ballet. She has written a book, Mindfulness for Dancers, that has been featured in Dance Teacher and Dance Magazine, alongside an article on visualization to help aid young dancers in the audition process. She has taught workshops based on her Artistry Workbook for the pre-professional dancers at LINES Ballet, Dominican College, and Mills College. Her most recent focus is dedicated to Mindfulness and Healing for Dancers to address the importance of self care and personal empowerment through integrative holistic tools. Corinne’s qualifications and background training include Coaches Training Institute, St Mary’s College LEAP Program B.A, Aesclepion and Intuitive Vision Clairvoyant Program, BodyTalk Method Parama Level, Certified MassageTherapist, Licensed Esthetician, Reiki Master, and studies with healers in both the Philippines and India. She has a daily meditation and kundalini yoga practice, which helps to keep her calm and centered to enjoy time with her family.

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