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Amy Kathleen Lee

About Amy

Amy Kathleen Lee (formerly Amy Waddle) is a former pre-professional classical ballet dancer, eating disorder, and suicide survivor. Her lifelong battle with bipolar two disorder and triumph over suicide inspired her advocacy work.


She is an award-winning eating disorder recovery advocate, and motivational speaker, Certified Online Counselling and Intervention Specialist, Q.P.R. for suicide prevention trainer, and member of the National Speakers Association.

Amy founded the nonprofit organization, Dancing with ED, Inc. in 2013 to inspire all members of the dance community to love and care for their bodies through eating disorder awareness, outreach and education.

Her powerful testimony of triumph over suicide and living with a mental health condition has been heard by over 5,000 young people across the Central Coast of California. Amy speaks nationally for middle and high schools, colleges, forums, churches, and conferences. 




My story is powerful. I am an advocate for student mental health education, eating disorder recovery and suicide prevention. When I'm not creating and serving others, I'm investing in my own healing journey from childhood trauma, thriving, growing and learning new ways to love myself.


Education & Experience

Higher Education

  • Current Graduate Student at Capella University studying Clinical Social Work

  • Bachelors in Human Services, University of Phoenix, 2008

  • National Certification in Massage Therapist, 2001


  • Certified Online Counseling and Suicide Intervention Specialist, 2022

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer, 2017

  • Q.P.R. Trainer, 2016

  • NAMI Ending the Silence Facilitator, 2017

Youth Mental Health Badge


  • Love Warrior Award, 2018; Recognized by Eating Disorder Recovery Support (EDRS), Non-Profit


  • Mental Health American Advocacy Network

  • Suicide Prevention Council of San Luis Obispo

  • Stamp Out Stigma Speakers Bureau

  • Member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness

  • National Speakers Association


  • Teens 4 Teens Help Advisory Board

  • Hunger for Awareness

  • Eating Disorders Suicide Prevention Committee Chair


  • Prevention Alliance SLO County Office of Education

  • Community Action Partnership Teen Task Force

  • Alliance for Mental Wellness

  • Stamp Out Stigma Speakers Bureau

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 

  • Transitions Mental Health Association, 2017-2020

    • New Perspectives, mental health curriculum for youth 12 -18: New Perspectives is an original mental health curriculum. The curriculum provides each student with an overview of the most common mental health diagnoses for adolescents, self-care options, the ability to recognize when peers are in distress, and how to make a simple plan of action. A modified, age-appropriate version of New Perspectives is available for Middle School students as well.

    • ALEC Action Plan, suicide prevention action plan for youth 12-18


  • Youth Mental Health Education & Presentations

  • Dance community, Mental Health Advocacy and Eating Disorder Awareness

  • Eating Disorder Prevention

  • Suicide Prevention Training for School Staff & Parents of Youth

  • Healing & Recovery from Trauma & Abuse

Adult Students



Faculty, Counselors & Administrators were trained in either QPR or YMHFA

Students Chatting

Student Leaders were trained in QPR



Smiling Student in Lecture



students experienced the New Perspectives curriculum & ALEC action plan

Public Speaking

schools or school districts throughout the Central Coast


Spoken at

Amy Dance Performance


Amy founded her nonprofit organization, Dancing with E.D. (Eating Disorders), Inc. in 2013 to raise awareness of eating disorders in the dance community and inspire dancers to love and care for their bodies. Dancing with E.D. is where Amy gives back and uses her passion and creative energy to create projects, including a dance show, workshops, a camp for young dancers. She wants dancers to know they don't have to dance through their struggles alone.

Dancing with ED Logo_2021_Dancing with ED_White.png

Events & Workshops

Dance Show - Stages of Change: A Dancer’s Body Journey 2019

Workshop Series:

  • Sharing Space As We Shelter In Place, 2020

  • Voting for Me .... during the election and beyond, 2020

  • I am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop, for dancers, 2016

  • I am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop, for ED treatment professionals, 2017

  • Body Talk, workshop for dancers of all ages, 2016


  • Mind. Body. Heart. A Mindfulness, Movement and Expressive He’arts Camp 2020

Other projects:

  • Pointing to Recovery Project

  • Share My Story, Social Media Project, 2021

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