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I was honored to receive the 2018 Love Warrior Award from EDRS Inc.(Eating Disorder Resource Support) January 2018 which is a nonprofit organization doing great work in the eating disorder treatment community near San Fransico Bay area. "A Love Warrior is a person who spreads the news of Self-Love and Body Acceptance for optimum health."



Sol Dance Interview
Breaking The Chains Foundation
Life Talks with Emma and Nadia

This interview with Eating Enlightenment is about abusing food for depression among other topics. Amy explores how she overcame her checkered history with dancing, bulimia and profound darkness. 

EDH Weekly Hope - Dancing with ED: Recovery, Restoration, and Release - Amy Waddle, 02/07/2019

Read about Amy's story and her recovery journey.

Central Coast Voices: More than sad

Join Kris Kington-Barker as she speaks with Amy Waddle as they discuss suicide prevention efforts on the Central Coast and how to recognize signs of emotional distress, initiate a conversation about mental wellness with someone and get the help needed.

The Sol Dance Talk Show

Amy and SOL delve deep into conversation about the connection between the dance community and eating disorders. This episode will help shine a light on the darkness that is "ED" in people's lives and will ultimately help guide them toward regaining their strength and taking back their life! Amy provides tools to use during times of battle and to help you stay focused and moving forward on your journey. Don't give up!

Breaking the Chains Foundation’s Featured Artist June 2020

BTCF was thrilled to partner with Amy in presenting her virtual workshop “Healing the Artist Within” – What Artists Need to Know About Trauma Recovery.  Amy shared the role trauma recovery plays in reconnecting with your inner artist.  Her openness, truth and personal story inspires deep and powerful connections to many.  Read the interview to learn more.

Life Talks with Emma and Nadia

Recently, Amy was interviewed by teens, Emma and Nadia. Listen in to learn about her past, her mental health journey, and her current experiences helping dancers.


Mustang News Article

"Non-Profit Founder Inspires Self Confidence in Students"

Mustang News

High School Program
Amy Running High School Program

Tribune Interview

TMHA High School Program

Amy Waddle, a Transitions Mental Health Association advocate, conducts staff training at Templeton High School Monday. The nonprofit started a new program for three local schools that integrates mental health basics with detection and suicide prevention strategies for both staff and students.

“At a 90-minute introductory training session at Templeton High on Monday, TMHA Advocate Amy Waddle emphasized the importance of talking about suicide. She noted her own past struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, bulimia, and suicidal behavior when she began experiencing symptoms at the age 16.” 

“I didn’t understand what I was going through so I didn’t reach out. It kept me silent,” Waddle said. “Their (students) mental health problems often develop during adolescence, so this is the time to start looking for it.

Santa Maria Sun Article

"Transitions-Mental Health brings suicide prevention program to Santa Maria"

Santa Maria Sun

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